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Hair Restoration Results so “Impeccably” Natural, No One May Ever Suspect You Had Hair Transplant or Hair Restoration Surgery

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With the My Hair Transplant MD’s medical breakthrough hair transplant procedure you no longer have to live with hair loss or a receding hairline. We blend art and science into creating hairlines that are the benchmark of excellence by which others compare.

successful Hair transplants in San Diego
Hair clusters are inserted into region of hair lossThe My Hair Transplant MD Hair Transplant is the Most Advanced Natural Hair Restoration Available.

Using state of the art equipment, our experienced hair transplant staff isolate follicular units with 1, 2, 3, and 4 hairs from the donor strip one at a time. These follicular units are then carefully transplanted into the balding area with precise angles and density for maximum results. This medical breakthrough hair restoration procedure results in naturally growing thicker and fuller hair.

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The My Hair Transplant MD Hair Transplant
Surgery is Safe, Minimally
Invasive, and Cost efficient.

Our Follicular Unit hair transplant procedure produces impeccably natural results. Follicular unit transplant, is the latest hair restoration procedure that produces more natural results, faster recovery time, and preserves the donor hair. It’s the only hair transplant procedure that enables natural hair growth. Read more to find out how the My Hair Transplant MD hair Transplant Procedure can help you get denser and fuller hair that grow naturally.

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Not all hair restoration procedures are the same. It’s important to ask the right questions and know the different types of hair restoration procedures. Failure to ask the right questions might not only cost you thousands of dollars but could potentially cause permanent damage to your hair. By scheduling a free consultation, you will be able to receive a professional and honest evaluation. Based on your evaluation we help you formulate your own hair restoration plan. You will know exactly how many follicular units it takes to give you the look you want.  My Hair Transplant MD performs the surgery as if it were your last. This means you won’t look like you’re “under construction.”

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My Hair Transplant MD achieves the most natural hair restoration results possible for all our patients regardless of their age or degree of hair loss. My Hair Transplant MD delivers the most advanced and innovative techniques in hair transplants and hair restoration today. For a FREE Consultation regarding our hair transplant services in San Diego, Los Angeles, Orange County, Riverside, or San Fernando Valley, give us a call at 800-922-1838

stop worying about hair loss1.Get Specific Answers to Your Questions

When you come in for your Free Evaluation, we sit down with you and help you evaluate your current hair loss situation. We take into account your age, hair loss pattern, skin tone, hair type, and density. We discuss your hair loss history and your family hair loss history. We help you determine your short- and long-range hair restoration goals. We also take photos

2. Why We Take Hair Loss Measurements

Every man has a different size head and pattern of hair loss. Therefore measurements of these areas are taken using a proprietary Hair Loss Template. This help you determine how many grafts will be needed to complete your Hair Restoration goals. We don’t guess, we measure.

3. Your Hair Restoration Plan

Based on your evaluation we help you formulate your own hair restoration plan. You will know exactly how many follicular units it takes to give you the look you want. My Hair Transplant MD performs surgery as if it were your last. This means you won’t look like you’re “under construction.”

4. Natural Hair Transplant Density

My Hair Transplant MD’s unique style of Hair Restoration is so natural and gradual it may be difficult for anyone to detect

Today we live in an age when “Hair Loss” is no longer considered a permanent condition. Before you choose a surgeon, come in and see why My Hair Transplant MD’s artistic results surpass all others.

We’ve helped a lot of men and women, just like you, permanently restore their natural, growing hair. I would like to do the same for you. A full head of hair does make a difference.

Don’t allow hair loss to affect your life style. Regain your confidence and look younger.

Schedule a FREE hair restoration consultation in our Los Angeles, San Diego, Riverside, Encino, San Fernando Valley or Orange County location and find out at my expense if hair restoration is right for you.

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